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Executive Management Coaching for Healthcare Leaders

I provide coaching services for healthcare managers and directors to become emotionally intelligent leaders and to build productive, high-respect teams.

 What are your challenges?

You may find that you have one or several of the following challenges:

  • Not being as effective as you wish you were because of “time robbers” (poor performing employees, meetings, etc.).
  • Ineffective ability to coach your employees for lasting performance improvement.
  • Inability to grow a productive, respectful team.
  • Strained communications with physicians and other licensed staff—communication in general!

Healthcare mangers have the added responsibilities of understanding healthcare reform, implementing patient–centered care, achieving excellent patient outcomes, and meeting performance goals.  To get the best results of your team, you need the ability to know when to be courageous, when to communicate and when to shut-up and listen.


Management coaching can ensure that you have excellent listening skills, delegate easily, and are able to work employees’ to their strengths. Your team will flourish. When teams flourish, managers readily accomplish business outcomes. Patients enjoy receiving care in clinics and hospitals where employees are engaged and respected. 
Coaching is a much better development tool to help leaders actualize their potential then seminars or training because it works, over time, to create lasting change in the leader. With coaching you can:

  • Inspire others for achievement
  • Create respectful and productive teams
  • Become an authentic and clear communicator, coach and leader
  • Create a professional life that is more balanced

As a manager’s coach, I can help you increase your leadership effectiveness.  I can guide you in taking the necessary steps to build on your strengths, and to overcome obstacles that may be preventing you and your work group from being its most productive, engaged and fun. Working with a management coach is a satisfying and beneficial investment in your professional development.

If you are serious about wanting to increase your healthcare leadership and management skills, please click here to contact me for a free consultation, and to get your questions answered.

To access your free report, The Three Competencies of a Great Healthcare Leader, please click here.

Why Management Coach Cindy?

Years ago, I hired my first coach to help me overcome some management mistakes I was continually making. My coach helped me to see that in sharing my vulnerability and shame about not being a “perfect” manager, actually made me a stronger and more effective leader and human being.  I am passionate about helping others find ways tap into their emotional intelligence and become a wonderful leader.  I have found over the years that the culture the leader brings to the team affects everyone on the team. Having been a leader, I have made the mistake of dismissing self-improvement because I felt I did not have time and I have worked with managers who have done the same. The result can be a sadly dysfunctional teams with high turnover. There’s nothing more devastating for everyone when a high-achieving employee leaves because of the manager. It’s disruptive, it’s costly and it’s usually preventable.  Coaching provides the safe environment for managers to identify and nurture their leadership skills, so they can build creative, respectful, and lasting teams.